Create a dazzling smile with DazzleMe teeth whitening kit, an easy at-home teeth whitening treatment.

It has been designed to deliver visible results in 1-2 weeks, with each application being only 10 minutes.

The key benefits of the teeth whitening kit are,

10mins Instant Whitening
Active stain remover
Peroxide free & no sensitivity
Safe on enamel
Clinically proven safe and effective
Vegan & cruelty free


Tips from customers:

Tip1: Dry your teeth with tissue then using a cotton bud to apply some gel on your teeth to make sure your front teeth is fully covered with gel, then apply some gel on the mouth tray to start. 


Tip 2: Got too much mouth water while using? Simply lie down and enjoy your 10 mins music!

DazzleMe Teeth Whitening Kit

SKU: DM1001
  • 1 Led light and mouth tray

    3X3ml Teeth whitening Gel

    Shade Guide

    User Manual


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